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Ola family! It’s been a minute. A lot of minutes. Apologies for the abrupt sabbatical, but am back, officially.  There is so much in store for the readers in this New Year; blog posts, book and album reviews, series and features to say the least. But, before we all get used to writing the 7 in the year instead of the 6, Happy New Year! My ardent prayer is that the year provides opportunities for growth.

Beginnings of years give people an opportunity to think ahead. It may be the only time in the year when people take paper to pen and make plans, write down stuff they want to do, stuff they want to change, stuff they wish to improve but probably know deep down they won’t really get to do it but they write it anyway because 6 months down the line they may dig through a pile of things to take out the resolutions book and find motivation to do the things they wrote down. This is not a resolutions post though, I have one titled Navigating through resolutions. Click here and take a read. One year just ended, and another one is on the brink of a beginning. 2016, may have been joyous, terrible, beautiful, tasking, just one of those years or a combination of all things. It was different things for all us and it is probably still a fresh memory in our heads. As we make plans, prayer points and other lists in this beginning let us not let the misgivings and shortcomings of 2016 hinder dreams, limit faith or put a damp on hope. Be encouraged!

Down the line in the year, on a random day like Thursday, you may be in traffic, in a quiet bus or driving home with no music playing. It will be quiet, the kind of silence that taunts you. The one that is too loud. The traffic will be moving, ever so slowly and as you stare at the cars moving alongside you, you will notice that there is no traffic on the other side of the road, and you will envy the people and the drivers on the other side, because nobody likes to sit in traffic, especially Nairobi traffic. In that moment, you may remember the lists. The ones you made at the beginning of the year and you will feel like the traffic you are sitting in is way faster than the progress you are making. As you look out the window again, you may wish that the progress would be like that of the other side. Like the pitch black jeep wrangler speeding down the other side of the road. Sometimes we feel and think that if we do not make instant, continual and fast progress then nothing is really happening, which is not always true.

Whatever things are on the list in this year; involve Jesus in them, focus on them, be specific and clear, craft a realistic plan and cover them in prayer. When that traffic moment comes down the line, remember that there is a beautiful thing called imperfect progress. It comes when we take slows steps of progress wrapped up in grace. The race doesn’t have to be swift and obstacle free. It may be bumpy and slow, that doesn’t mean that nothing is happening. God keeps working with and for us in the background. Are you sure? You ask. Yes, sure like white on rice.

Jeremiah 29: 11

Message Bible

I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out-plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.

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  1. Hehe, you are forgiven for your abrupt sabbatical. Hopefully we will all be true to our resolutions this year. #feelingedified haha

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