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I’m radical. The way we livin’ is not the usual, invisible, it’s incredible. I’m radical. No other way I gotta let them know. I’m radical. They can talk if they want. I’m radical. They can never hold me down. I’m radical, yes I’m radical – Radical, S.O. Ft. Lecrae, J. Williams

Titus 3:4-5

But when the kindness and the love of God our Saviour toward man appeared, not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, through the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit. (NKJV)

There not many places in Nairobi where people can go and soak in the diversity of the urban culture. The urban culture in this context is a way of life with self-expression in identities like hip hop music, basketball, visual art, b-boying and the likes. So, three guys saw this gap in the industry and out of a passion for this culture emerged the birth of Verse5ve. The idea was and still is to create platforms for like-minded Christians to meet and enjoy the urban culture. The name Verse5ve is derived from Titus 3:5 which is about our salvation being pegged on God’s love and kindness and not our own works or doing. Verse5ve basically identifies with God’s grace and love for us and seeks to maintain the good works we have been called in to.


On May 2014, with about a total of 35 people in attendance, history began rolling. The day went down as the beginning of a journey. Speaking to Denis Karenge, the quarterly events which happen every February, May, August and November are just a tip of the iceberg. Verse5ve is not just about an event, it is an entertainment company that is looking to create platforms like workshops for artistes and deejays, venture into award shows and an online magazine to say the least. We will be watching this space, no?

Verse5ve is operational because of the people behind it who actualized a dream. The dream team, so to say has Denis Karenge, a student at Edu link International College who doubles up as a graphic designer. Johnson Juma, a graphic designer for Protel Studios. Zack Albert, an artiste manager, with Amos and Josh on his list. Then there is the street team, a diverse pool of people who identify with the vision and are involved with the essentials that come with the vision. These are the guys who dedicate their time and resources to hype the events, do ticket sales, community outreach and just simply hang. Because what is a family without the chill factor, ey?

For any inquires or interests as a performing artist or volunteer, one can reach verse5ve at


Are you all about the turn up? The insane turn up. The turn up with the lit artistes bringing the house down. The turn up with the turnt crowd and Dj’s that will leave you asking for more. The turn up with the coolest emcees this side of the Sahara. This is that turn up! The turn up they won’t stop talking about! Radical5ve is the kick-off event of the four that are set to happen in the year. It goes down on 19th February at Memorial Park. Radical is a word that is about a very new and different form, from that which is traditional or ordinary. Radical5ve is based on the song radical by S.O. ft. Lecrae and J. Williams, off the album So it Continues. Straight off, the line-up of people who will be on the mics is radical!

On the list of the cool guys who will be doing what they do best are the trio emcee gang.
Pompey the Big deal himself otherwise known by the government as Steven Ndinika, currently working as a PR consultant and an emceeimg_20170208_181337_333/hype man, yes you can still pursue your gifting and do the 9 oh 5 grind. For bookings you can hit him up on . Churchboy who goes by the name James kibunja, a trained lawyer who is quite afraid of dogs (yea, this is not the guy you meet a dog on the streets with) he is waiting for certification as an advocate and has a second job as an emcee, cause you can roll like that too and still make it. Manolo, who is Emmanuel Mwongela a full time musician, because you can have your gifting as your career.

Then there is an insane line up of artistes set to turn up the volume. We will be at the receiving end of a hip hop pro S.O. signed to lampmode records with wordplay straight from his album titles. Stonee Jiwe, the king of refixes and jams that flow. Recapp, the creative monsters behind the album Ambition which you can get from Then there is Kamlesh, the guy who has been in the game long enough to keep it 100!

You know that moment when a crowd is dancing jumping insanely to house music, that specific moment when the music is at climax and your body just naturally jumps up and down with them hands in the air without a care in the world. That moment when you’re not even sure what state you are in because there’s just this feeling of euphoria. Like you can’t experience any more joy or excitement because you have just reached the zenith. That feeling that got you thinking you’re soaring. The one that sweeps you off your feet for a moment and just as it came in an instance it goes. That state. That specific moment. That soar. Picture that and build up anticipation for Radical5ve because 19th February will be going down in history.

Tickets are available at here , at memorial park and through M-pesa on 0710964626



If there is anything we can pick up from Verse5ve is that we are free to dream because visions do become reality. With God backing us up, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. These are everyday guys with everyday jobs and lives who dared to dream and were bold enough to move forward. You don’t need to be labelled extraordinary to do it, Jesus is for everybody. Let’s set our fears aside and dare to move forward with Jesus.

A big thank you to Dennis Karenge who made all this possible.


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