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This one is about a story. Of three champs who keep pushing boundaries supported by an amazing team. This is one of rolls in the story.


When it’s about that quarter of the year you know it’s all about that life and you know what is coming up. Verse5ve is gearing up to orchestrate yet another unfolding of history. If you already feel lost or you basically have no idea what or who is a verse5ve. This post has you covered. Check it out.

The beginning of 2017 had us caught up in lampmode records with beginnings and continuations and a little bit of time at the end. The turn up and turnout was insane and the line-up of artistes had us grooving to some refixes, ambition and fresh music. The next quarter has us on the boogie to some 116 history and a humble beast.

On the list of Verse5ve events this June is FAMOUS5VE. The doors at memorial park open up at 2pm on 4th June to some rad line-up. Famous in the gig name is accredited to the international artiste of the evening; Amisho Lewis Baraka, simply known as Sho Baraka. He is the creative mind behind the stories we listen to in his music. About faith and filth, silence that speaks, struggles and social issues. The brilliance of his music is hard to miss, what with how he even names his songs. Fuego is all that can be said for his turn up on the 4th.

Right next to the people who will be turning on the heat alongside Sho Baraka is a certain hero. Josh xtra, big heart this guy. His super power is his faith. His is a mix of hip hop, funk and jazz. Shira Soreal is also on the line-up, he will be doing it with some lines and rhythm (side note: you have to have listened to his song Nina to get this one). He will also be performing a song he has been working on at the event. We are totally watching this space. Finally, you know it’s going to be extra special when there’s a female trio gang on the set. P31 Kenya will be dropping some bars, tutachilia pale pale with them. This time round, if you have been meaning to try out some of your flow and rhythm on an audience, there will be an open mic session for you to kill us with the wordplay.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-29 at 1.32.32 PMUntitled-1





You guys remember the Verse5ve illest trio emcee gang? Yeap, they will still be on cue as the credits roll. Pompey – the Big deal himself who always come through, our lawyer/hype man friend – Churchboy and Manolo – the guy with the rhymes taking it all over the world.  This time the dudes on the decks will be Sanch, Double o and A1. With a special set from a special someone from South Africa. Dj Eazy. It’s serious business on the international acts, ey?

trio 4

Verse5ve is a story with credits that keep going back to Jesus. The acts keep unfolding and it always gets better, never receding. Always bigger. So, we are game this Sunday yes? You can get advance tickets that are going for 500 bob through this link or by dialling *299*22#. You can still get a ticket at the gate on the day for 700 bob.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-29 at 5.39.20 PM

Royalty is much more than a throne and a crown. Your knees should be hurt from praying with your people. Your shirt’ll be wet from crying over evil. I learned that love ain’t based on performance. Make a mistake and I will love you in the morning– lessons from an excerpt in Fathers, 2004 from the album The Narrative, Sho Baraka

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