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We need people. People need us. Not to discourage or eliminate the idea of self-sufficiency but there is a place for autonomy and a great need for community. One of the ways that I believe God shows us his love is by blessing us with a community of people who you get to do life with. The heart of Jesus was continuously pointed towards people. It is people that got to experience His love. His healing. His grace. His presence. We equally get to express God’s love towards people and experience the same through people. It may be by the warmth of words, the kindness of a deed or forbearance of the intolerable. Sometimes it also takes people to point out our misgivings. To push us out of our comfort zones. To call out our childishness. Community basically gets you out of your solitary conceit while revealing some of the beautiful natures of God.

Grace Center is the community of goofy people I get to do life with. There’s more on this post about who we are and what we do. Aside from turning three this year which is a big milestone for us, we took off the year with a project dubbed ‘iRise’.

iRise is under a youth movement culture in the ministry called The Stand Movement. The movement is basically about being radical emissaries of Christ, not being afraid or ashamed of being the sign posts that point to Jesus.


So, this year our anchor verse comes from Isaiah 61 which largely talks about the good news of salvation and builds a grand picture of hope, strength and comfort. Isaiah 61 is the foundational pillar of the iRise project. It is about bringing hope to a hopeless people. Preaching grace to a condemned people. Letting guys know that there is healing for the broken hearted. Comfort and an oil of joy for all those who mourn. Having crashed people experience beauty in place of ashes. The iRise project is a call to rebirth, restoration and repair for desolate ruins.

The heart of this project is to speak Jesus, His power and victory over dead situations. To make His love and grace known to the weary hearted who seem to be in the grave, thus the concept of ‘rising.’


The project begins a journey of out-reach. Out-reach that is meant to help each one we reach rise. We have initiatives to go out to places like rehabilitation centers, prisons, approved schools, juvenile centers and any other form of rescue centers. This one is about putting our love in action as we all navigate through the ruins and rise to comfort, rebirth, restoration, beauty and hope.

God is deeply concerned about each of us right down to the simple stuff like what we like to do or what we eat at the end of the day. He cares about how we wake up feeling. He cares about our heartbreaks and the girl next door you want to approach. He cares about the rash your new born baby is developing. He cares enough to give different people different burdens. Just for you. Only for you will he send out people to talk about hope, love or grace. Only for you.

I hope this one encourages a few folks to keep going. To keep the passion alive. Because God uses people to show his love, kindness, favor, might. We are the vessels he chooses. Keep going.

Also check out our website on

You can reach out to us through the website if you would like be part of the project.

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