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It’s a frightening indictment that even if all these world problems are solved, it still wouldn’t resolve what you are actually looking for. And it’s not like these problems, they don’t need to be addressed. But fixing systematic issues, it ain’t the source of your rest or satisfaction, and I know it’s your life’s work but the work of a man’s hands has never quenched his thirst. You say I’m king of kings but son, I don’t get it how you could trust me for eternity but can’t trust me for now. Hoping in a broken system to fix what’s broken in us. It’s not working, is it? – It’s not working (The Truth), Propaganda

This week has been an insane replay of Crooked. The album has been sitting all lonely in an isolated folder on my laptop for like three weeks now and then I played the first song and I was immersed. Crooked is Propaganda’s new album. Propaganda is a christian rapper and poet signed under Humble Beast records.Do check him out. He is masses.

Propaganda is piercing and dauntless. His music is usually a myriad of thoughts. It is messy, uncomfortable and complicated. It is hurt and healing. He released excellent and it took us on a lofty feel. It was great. Then he brings crooked and this one. This one, you guys, is everything!


Crooked is about contradictions. It is the voice at the back of our heads questioning our actions when they differ from our narrative. It is a reminder of whose image we bear. It is heavy and light. It delves into racism and prejudice. Crooked will break you apart, dismantle your thoughts, tug and pull at your core while setting back the pieces gently and gracefully. It is war and peace.

He takes us on a creative and poetic streak right from the beginning with Crooked ways, then we get to delve into cynicism and the makings of hip-hop. He gets us thinking with I hate cats when he talks about prejudice and people. Then there is one about racism and its misgivings. About what it does to the people. I would say there’s a lot of conscious rap going on in Crooked. He gets into it with a couple of other guys like Marz, Jackie Hill Perry, Courtland, Audrey Assad just to name a few. The music has that humble beast feel. You know, the one that makes you feel like you’re not really listening to music but a piece that has been arranged with a lot of thought. It also has a lot of words and underlying punch lines. You have to listen to this music, you can’t hear it. You listen to it to get it.

Life is not a comic book. There are no perfect victims or villains, just us. We are smog-laced oxygen tanks tossed to capsize murderers. Resting on His power of deliverance and the integrity to accomplish it. – Made Straight, Propaganda.

This one reminded me about our hearts and their state sometimes. About our flaws and how we readily judge other people for their flaws. How we easily forget how poor our hearts can be when we look down on the poor and act like we are not figuratively the same. It is crooked. How we are ready to help the people in faraway places and forget about the ones in our backyards. Then it reminds about grace, love and hope. There are no perfect people neither are there all good or all bad people. We often get mixed up between both so we offer the grace we are so freely offered.

Sometimes we forget how much we are loved by God. How much forgiven we are. How much free we are. We easily judge when we forget how forgiven we are. We easily pick up words to throw at others and point fingers when we forget the indescribable love we get to live in every day. Essentially, we have to choose love and grace every day. We have to choose it over hate, impatience and fear. We choose life over death.

You can download the album on the Humble Beast website  or buy it from iTunes. It would be lovely to hear what you think about the album, do share your views.

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